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Cellulite without snacking 10 kinds of weight loss snacks for you to eat

Cellulite without snacking 10 kinds of weight loss snacks for you to eat

Weight loss snacks are definitely the welfare of the cats!

Xiaobian recommended 10 kinds of low-migration snacks, so that you can eat enough at a time to lose weight in the diet!


Seaweed seaweed is a low-transition, high-fiber food, and the conversion of 20g dry seaweed is only 30 calories.

Seaweed concentrates various B vitamins in seaweed, especially riboflavin and niacin. Vitamin B is an essential element for light burning, and seaweed oxide iodine can accelerate our consumption during exercise and help to lose weight.


Whole-grain fiber cakes can’t help but want to eat biscuits, avoid high-transitioned wafer biscuits, biscuits and sandwiches can choose high-fiber whole wheat cake to solve the problem.

High-fiber graham crackers, whole-wheat crackers use whole-wheat flour, some of which can help the gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, and not easily make people fat.


The method of making potato chips with microwave oil-free potato chips is very easy. Cut the potatoes into thin slices, pass the water, wash off the starch attached to the top, and the transfer will happen.

Drain the potato chips, spread them on a plate, sprinkle a little salt, and put them in the oven for 3-5 minutes.

Finally, sprinkle with chili powder or matcha powder according to your taste.

Although the baked potato chips have a low transient content, they cannot be eaten much.

In addition, cola and potato chips are the excess catalyst for cola, so don’t eat them together.

Potato chips can be paired with black coffee or vegetable juice, of course, the lowest price with pure water.


Dark chocolate Dark chocolate is the least milky and sugar content in the chocolate family, so it is the least likely to make people fat in the chocolate family.

When choosing chocolate, pay attention to comparing the cocoa content and sugar content of various chocolates.


Yogurt sugar-free yogurt is rich in protein and probiotics that help the gastrointestinal tract. It helps digestion in the stomach and reduces obesity, and reduces the absorption of other foods to achieve weight loss.


The acid plum is an alkaline food. The body’s body value is balanced by acid and alkali, which reduces liver fire. It can help the spleen and stomach to digest and nourish the liver.

The plum has anti-aging, thirst-quenching, and neutralizing acidic metabolites.

For some crushers who want to lose weight but love to eat, sour plum will be a good choice.


Jujube red dates are sweet, but they are good foods for healthy weight loss.

Jujube contains a lot of vitamin C, which can lower the level of physical plasma, but it is rich in calcium and iron. It also has a good therapeutic effect on women’s anemia.

The amount of red dates is not high, so the red dates are used as snacks, both for health and slimming.


Small tomato tomatoes are rich in pectin and fiber. Not only do people have a feeling of fullness, but they also absorb excess fat in the body and are removed from the body.

In addition, the unique sour taste of tomato will stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, promote the peristalsis of the stomach, promote metabolism, and help to lose weight.


Low-sugar candied fruit jelly contains growth fiber, which helps the gastrointestinal motility, and has strong water absorption. It is easy to have a feeling of fullness after eating.

The traces of cockroaches are very low, and the series of ready-to-eat sips in small cups are mainly derived from the added sugar, so it is a healthy choice to choose low-sugar formula.


Boiled edamame is rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements, and edamame transforms protein, but its conversion is low.

Therefore, edamame will be the preferred snack on weight loss recipes.

Vegetarians should carefully review their recipes

Vegetarians should carefully review their recipes

The vegans pay attention!

Although many studies support the argument that “vegetarians may have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gallstones and other diseases than ordinary people”
, at the same time, “too” to eat green vegetables and tofu may also lead to malnutrition, stones, and lack ofA series of reactions such as calcium anemia.

  In the eyes of nutrition experts, there is no absolute bad food, only bad mix, bad proportion of food.

Experts said that although society should respect vegetarianism as a life attitude, from a health perspective, vegetarians need to carefully review their own recipes, and can supplement the missing nutrients in various ways to ensure a balance.

  Carnivores despise?

  There is no absolute “bad” food. “Early ‘vegetarianism’ is mostly based on personal beliefs or eating habits.

With the development of science and technology, environmentalists have found that eating meat increases the burden on the earth. Livestock farming not only increases greenhouse gas emissions, but also greatly increases the consumption of cereals.

Therefore, ‘vegetarian’ has gradually become a fashion move.

“Zeng Jing, director of the Nutrition Department of the Guangdong Armed Police Corps Hospital, said that the transformation of modern society is gradually increasing the high blood fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high uric acid and other chronic diseases, and it is becoming more and more “threatening” and “intimidating” people.many.

Under the guidance of the concepts of health and weight loss, a large number of people have eliminated the “carving of meat” and instead chose the vegetarian diet they think is healthier.

  “其实,在我们营养工作者的眼中,并没有绝对的‘坏’食物,只有不科学的膳食搭配”,曾晶表示:“我们主张的是均衡而多样化的膳食,选择卫生安全的食物,Develop regular habits.

“Venity: VS vs. Risk” In terms of vegetarianism, this relatively lacking diet structure is likely to cause an imbalance in the supply of nutrients.

“Zeng Jing said that vegetarian food is divided into vegetarian food (that is, completely based on plant food and its products) and dairy egg vegetarian food (in addition to plant food and its products, even choose eggs, dairy products).

“Comparatively, the nutritional nutrition of dairy egg vegetarians is comprehensive, while vegetarian diets are more likely to cause serious lack of certain essential nutrients.

In the opinion of nutrition experts, what are the advantages and risks of giving up meaty foods and using foods based on plant foods?

  Vegetarian advantages: The content of residues in vegetarian foods is generally very small, basically free of residues, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases; conversion, vegetarian cellulose is very rich in content, can take away some toxins in the body; eat more vegetablesFruit can also help prevent tumors from happening and is good for health.

  Vegetarian risk: Ingesting more plant food means relatively richer dietary vitamins and replacement fibres, metabolically saturated fatty acids and starches, and also a high risk factor for some nutrient deficiencies: reduced protein replacement, plant foodsThe low absorption rate of calcium, coupled with the interference of nutrients absorption by supplemental fiber and phytic acid, can easily cause micronutrient such as vitamins, trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins A, D, B12, etc.

In addition, people with liver and kidney disease are not suitable for vegetarians, especially those with uremia. Vegetarian food can cause excessive intake of potassium, and high-quality protein intake is worrying.

  Zeng Jing said that if you choose “all-vegetarian”, you will not even touch the eggs, milk, and fish every day. This invisible injury to the body may be caused.

“After all, the essential amino acids in the human body come from meat, and many of them come from the fat that many people hate, but these amino acids ensure that the body’s immunity is maintained at a better level, and that the endocrine metabolism is normal.Play a very important role.

Its long-term absence may cause a series of reactions such as malnutrition, stones, calcium deficiency and anemia, and even irreversible damage, and may also affect women’s menstruation and reproductive capacity.

”  “此外,准妈妈和刚当妈妈的女性也最好暂时放弃‘全素食’,因为母乳中含有供孩子生长的大量脂肪和蛋白质,如果素食,会导致乳汁脂肪含量下降,蛋白质质量也会变difference.

Expert advice: How do vegetarians maintain a balanced diet?

  If we insist on carrying out “vegetarianism” to the end, what should we pay attention to in the diet to ensure the body’s nutritional balance?

Experts published the following comments: 1.

Attention should be paid to increasing the number of meals to ensure the excess amount of supplementation, thus ensuring the body’s ability to conduct normal thinking and activities.


Try to increase the variety of foods, the more varieties, the more complete the nutrition.

Try to choose cereals, beans, roots, algae, vegetables, fruits and other foods, while paying attention to fresh food, eat less pickles, kimchi.

By eating more carrots, pumpkins and the like to increase the replacement of β-carotene, the lack of dietary vitamin A.


Pay attention to the contraindications of food mix and the complementary effects of food.

For example, cereals and beans can enhance the complementary role of amino acids; oxalic acid in foods such as spinach will combine with calcium in tofu to affect calcium absorption.


Choose the right cooking method.

For example, when vegetables are “flying water”, the content of oxalic acid and terpenoids can be reduced, and the oil can help the absorption of carotene.


Eat more nuts and dried fruits to increase the intake of fatty acids and certain trace elements.
Such as walnuts, sunflower seeds, pistachios, peanuts, red dates and so on.
However, because the stone fruit is a kind of oil and fat and has a high content, special attention should be paid to the control component when eating.


Long-term vegetarians are advised to take some vitamins and trace element supplements, supplemented with calcium and protein if necessary.


Vegans have less calcium absorption, and it is recommended to do more outdoor activities and increase the sunshine time to promote calcium absorption.


It is best for a person with a disease to be approved by a doctor before starting a vegetarian diet.

Active peptic ulcer, gastrointestinal inflammatory disease, cirrhosis of the esophagus and gastric varices, various causes of renal failure, some kidney stones, severe anemia and other patients should not be absolutely vegetarian.

What are the remedies for women with dysmenorrhea?

What are the remedies for women with dysmenorrhea?


Xuanhu motherwort boiled egg raw materials: 20 grams of Xuanhu, 50 grams of motherwort, 2 eggs.

Method: Add the above 3 flavors with water, wait until the eggs are cooked, then remove the shells, then put them back into the pot and cook for about 20 minutes to drink the soup and eat the eggs.

Efficacy: It has the function of passing through, relieving dysmenorrhea, tonifying blood, pleasing color and moisturizing beauty.


Hawthorn sunflower red sugar soup ingredients: Hawthorn, 50 grams of sunflower seeds, 100 grams of brown sugar.

Method: Put the above raw materials into the pot together and add some water to fry or stew, and take the slag to take the soup.

Efficacy: It has the effect of replenishing vital energy, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and bloody color.

Applicable to dysmenorrhea of qi and blood deficiency.

This soup should be mixed in the 3-5 days before the menstrual cramps, pain relief, better cosmetic effect.


Ginger Ai ren porridge ingredients: dried ginger, 10 grams of Ai Ye, 30 grams of Coix seed.

Method: Decoction of dried ginger and wormwood leaves, the porridge of the coix seed is cooked to eight mature, and the medicinal juice is cooked until cooked.

Efficacy: It has the functions of warming, phlegm, dispelling cold, dehumidifying and moisturizing.

Suitable for cold and damp dysmenorrhea.


Xuanhu motherwort boiled egg raw materials: 20 grams of Xuanhu, 50 grams of motherwort, 2 eggs.
Method: Add the above 3 flavors with water, wait until the eggs are cooked, then remove the shells, then put them back into the pot and cook for about 20 minutes to drink the soup and eat the eggs.

Efficacy: It has the function of passing through, relieving dysmenorrhea, tonifying blood, pleasing color and moisturizing beauty.

Be alert to six kinds of kidney-breaking diet

Be alert to six kinds of kidney-breaking diet

In the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, in fact, kidney deficiency is mainly divided into two types: First, the symptoms of kidney yang deficiency: refers to the function of the kidney, often with tiredness, fatigue, low back pain, shortness of breath, chills and cold limbs, frequent nocturia,The typical symptom is frequent nocturia, in which women are more likely to be cold and cold.

  The second is the symptoms of kidney yin deficiency: refers to the nature of the kidney, the typical dry mouth, five upset hot.

  6 dietary contraindications for kidney: 1, avoid eating hot and spicy and hot tastes always attract people’s appetite.

However, the spicy contains a lot of potassium, which easily destroys the body’s acid-base balance, increases the burden of work for the kidneys, and damages the spleen and stomach.

  2, avoid bogey long-term vegetarian diet, although vegetarian diet is relatively light and delicious, but long-term vegetarian diet not only allows the body to lose some of the nutrients contained in the leek, is not conducive to good health, suffering from the kidney function of the elderly.

  3, avoid bogey eating cold food Chinese medicine theory that cold food, will cause kidney yang deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, and even kidney function decline.

Because the blood vessels of the gastrointestinal tract are in an expanded state, before the gastric mucosal congestion has returned to normal, the introduction of cold and cold products causes the gastric mucosa to suddenly encounter cold and suffer certain damage, and even cause hypoperfusion or cramping.

Therefore, it is not advisable to eat more.

  4, avoid avoiding regular coffee coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans.

Coffee beans contain a lot of caffeine, traces and sugar. The right amount of coffee helps digestion in the stomach, but frequent intake can excessively consume the energy of the kidneys and affect kidney function.

  5, avoid eating too salty scientific diet should be light and salty.

Eating too salty is not good for health. The reason is that salty taste first enters the kidney, moderate saltiness raises the kidney, but excessive salty taste hurts the kidney, which is not conducive to helping the yang.

Therefore, the diet should be light and salty, you can eat more nutritious, tonifying kidney and light food, it is important to prolong life and avoid renal function deterioration.

  6, avoid bogey drink instead of water to know that the kidney is responsible for the metabolism of the physiological activities of the waste, and discharged in the urine.

When the kidneys carry out these activities, they need enough water to assist.

The beverage contains a large amount of artificial pigments, various trace elements, etc., and the concentration is high, and the relative moisture is lowered.

Therefore, female friends must develop a good habit of drinking more water.

What should you pay attention to in cirrhosis?

What should you pay attention to in cirrhosis?

In addition to the medical treatment of distance, patients with cirrhosis can also take diet treatment, diet care is done well, and enhance the immunity of the patient’s body. How do patients with cirrhosis undergo diet therapy?

1: When the protein liver function is abnormally applied, it is difficult for the liver to synthesize many nutrients.

For example, protein, synthesized albumin 11 by the liver every day?
14 grams.

At this time, it is necessary to arrange the implantation of protein reasonably to prevent the occurrence of hepatic encephalopathy.

You can choose from a variety of sources of protein food chicken, fish, lean meat, eggs, etc., with a reasonable amount of protein intake every day.

2: Supplying an appropriate amount of adult patients will consume a lot of energy due to treatment, leading to weight loss, and it is not possible to supplement adult food in large quantities.

Some patients suffer from cirrhosis and are afraid of eating cockroaches. In fact, it is unfortunate that they should not be too restrictive.

Due to liver dysfunction during liver cirrhosis, reduced bile secretion, lymphatic or hepatic portal congestion, nearly half of patients with cirrhosis have mild dysentery and mild malabsorption.

When the above symptoms occur, the amount of sputum should be controlled.

However, if the patient does not have the above symptoms, and can adapt to the aunt in the food, in order to increase the calories, it is not easy to limit too strict.

If biliary cirrhosis is used, hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia complications should be used.

3: Replenished carbohydrates and glucose have a great effect on the synthesis of glycogen in the human body.

There is not enough cobalt that is not enough.

To prevent toxin damage to liver cells, can eat 350 grams of starchy food a day?
450 grams.

4: Limit water and sodium in patients with edema or mild ascites should be given a low-salt diet, the daily intake of salt does not exceed 3 grams; severe edema should use a salt-free diet, sodium should be limited to about 500 mg.

Fast foods containing sodium strontium, such as steamed steamed buns, do not use alkali, you can use fresh yeast to make noodles, or eat salt-free bread.

The noodles contain sodium crystals, which should not be eaten, eat less or not pickle pickles.

5: Eat more zinc, magnesium-rich food cirrhosis patients generally reduced blood zinc levels, increased urinary zinc excretion, and reduced zinc content in liver cells.

When drinking alcohol, the amount of blood zinc will continue to decrease. Drinking should be abolished, and lean foods such as lean pork, beef, eggs, and fish should be eaten properly.

In order to prevent the lack of magnesium ions, you should eat more green leafy vegetables, peas, dairy products and cereals.

6: Vitamin C supplementation Vitamin C directly participates in liver metabolism and promotes liver glycogen formation.

Increasing the concentration of vitamin C in the body can protect liver cell resistance and promote liver cell regeneration.

The concentration of vitamin C in the ascites is equal to the amount in the blood, so a large amount of vitamin C should be added in ascites.

7: diet should be light, soft, easy to digest, no irritation, a small number of patients with liver cirrhosis often suffer from loss of appetite, should be given easy to digest food, a small amount of meals, eat soft food and no stimulating food, avoid hard and rough foodSuch as fried foods, hard fruit foods.

Self-reported excessive weight loss took my baby away

Self-reported excessive weight loss took my baby away

On the third day of the Qing Dynasty surgery, I came alone to the grove that had promised us many good wishes.

The wind is very light, with velvety drizzle on the cheeks, but the colic in my heart is still the same, thinking back to my husband’s soft words: “Don’t be sad, raise your body and say. you should pay attention now, don’t seeThe wind is cold, don’t get out of bed for a week, don’t take a shower.” Since the incident, he has no blame and blame, and careful care has made me guilty.

  Close your eyes, the pain in your heart is deeper while spreading.

Baby, why did my mother accidentally lose you, you were me, how eagerly the whole family is looking forward to it!

  Like all female friends who are now beautiful, before pregnancy, I am addicted to various fitness programs and dieting methods, so as to get slim.

The daily overload of exercise and the approximation of the harsh diet made me lose more than ten kilograms of excess meat.

Wearing a beautiful fashion, taking my husband on the street, I feel very good.

So small size, not every woman can wear on the body, as for the hard and difficult death of sports, everything is worth it!

  However, when I was enchanted by the joy of losing weight, my body had some bad conditions.

The “old friends” who have always arrived on schedule have become very rare, and then they simply don’t come.

I felt that the situation was not good, so I went to the hospital.

After doing a B-ultrasound and various tests, the doctor pointed out to me: “You are obviously secondary amenorrhea caused by excessive weight loss. The test results show that your corpus luteum is low and the hemoglobin is low. If not treated in time, seriousWill lead to infertility!

“I am stupid, and I look at my husband and take a breath.”

To know that you have been married for two years, to have a lovely baby is our long-cherished desire!

  So we embarked on a long road of seeking medical treatment, saw Chinese medicine to see Western medicine, and ate Western medicine and Chinese medicine.

I went to many hospitals and did all kinds of consultations. Most doctors said that if they are properly conditioned, there should be no problem, and proper exercise has a positive effect on the body, but it is not too demanding for menstrual diet.

Therefore, I did not completely stop the exercise. When I was eating, I only added a little staple food. The husband advised me to have confidence in myself and insisted on giving me Chinese medicine every day.

From spring to winter, after a season of four seasons, the situation has improved gradually, but the menstrual cycle is not accurate, sometimes it takes thirty or forty days.

I follow the doctor’s request and patiently measure the body temperature every day to make a record.

Until recently this time, there have been no more than 50 days, and the body temperature has continued to 36.

There are more than ten days above 8°C. Is it. I dare not think about it, and my husband sneaked into the hospital.

  I clearly remembered that I knew that the day of pregnancy was a sunny morning. I held the diagnosis tightly and I was so excited that I could tear my eyelashes.

Out of the hospital hall, the whole world is full of color in my eyes. I use my trembling hands to send a message to my husband: “Husband, congratulations, you will be a father next winter!

“Husband’s information and people are almost at the same time:” Wife, hard work for you!

I will love you more!

“The following days are busy and joyful. I purchase special milk powder for pregnant women, inquire about the intake of various folic acid and trace elements, and subscribe to the magazine “Marriage and Health and Health”, refer to relevant questions, accept the parents and friends.congratulate.

In order to be prudent, I went to the hospital for a comprehensive inspection.

The doctor who realized that my living habits took the test results and said to me optimistically: “From now on, you must change the original mode of life.

Strengthen nutrition, reduce exercise, your corpus luteum is somewhat low, and blood pigment is only 8.

2, the suspected situation is very bad for pregnant women, especially the first three months, must pay attention to rest!

“After returning home, my husband told me very seriously that every day, three meals a day must be eaten according to his recipes, reducing exercise and stopping dieting.

My heart is very contradictory. The long-term weight loss life makes me know that it is easy for people to get fat, and how hard it is to weigh a pound!

I thought to myself, maybe the beginning of pregnancy is not as serious as people say, maybe it is helpful to exercise.

It’s this kind of luck. I secretly glared at my husband and made a slight adjustment in the amount of exercise. I changed my original 60-minute run every day to 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. I still insist on eating.The original less food and more dishes, the amount has not increased much.

So nearly two months, there is nothing wrong with me, and I have no morning reaction, such as morning sickness, tiredness, and so on. Maybe this is the benefit of sports!

Just as I gradually became smug, one day I suddenly found myself seeing red.

  The doctor injected me with progesterone to let me lie down. She said to me without hesitation: “Your nutritional status and current physical condition are very bad, which has a great relationship with your long-term diet, leading to the first 2The monthly implantation itself is not stable, and it requires extra rest and nutrition.

Whether this population can be saved in the end, we must continue to observe the size of blood flow.”The doctor’s words are like a blow to me. The feeling of remorse can’t be expressed in words. I don’t dare to move in bed. The huge guilt and regret in my heart almost swallowed up my whole person. I can’t imagine how to face it.”This is the next few hours.

In the dark, I tried to stroke my stomach and talk to the baby who only had more than 50 days: “Baby, don’t leave your mother!

Mom is wrong, must change!

Although we only get along for two months, mom loves you!

“The next morning, the blood flow made me cool down completely, hiding in the bathroom, I was like a thousand arrows, and I didn’t want to go out anymore.”

Lying on the operating table, my heart was broken into pieces, and any cold instrument was squirming in the body. The tearing pain made me have a pleasure to punish myself.

At the end of the operation, I heard a cry of a baby crying from the next room, my heart was touched by some kind of sad and tender feelings, smiling and shed two tears, a new life,For that happy mother!

  At this moment, I understand the true meaning of “heart is like a knife”. I haven’t done any tears in a few days. Although I know that everything has not been done, the pain of deep and incisive has tortured me all the time.

  Expert guidance should be full and not bones are now popular thin beauty, many women are very eager to make themselves as star Zhao Wei as light as Yan, or like Zhong Lizhen that bumpy, then you have to be careful!

Studies have shown that excessive weight loss may make you “being a person” (pregnancy) failure.

  Frisch is a professor of population science at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. She has been studying the relationship between human body and birth for the past 20 years, in her book The Relationship between Female Fertility and Physical Fitness.: Pregnant women have a lot to do with birth ability. Women’s body pregnant women will convert male hormones into female hormones, and a woman with good nutrition should have 40% of aunts.

  If the female body’s aunt is not enough, the body will gradually reduce the reproductive hormones, and eventually “close” the body’s reproductive ability; too thin women will stop ovulation at first but continue to come through, and then lose weight will completely stop menstruation; such as rich system “closed”It’s too long, it’s too late to add another pound to restore.

Therefore, normal women using abnormal drought to lose weight will affect their reproduction, and severe self-destructive function.

It is the truth that many thin models are completely infertile.

  In fact, if pregnant women are too obese, proper exercise and diet control are also possible.

But pay attention to everything can not be excessive, because food is very nutritious in the mother’s stomach, and any weight loss method may make nutrition loss, once the mutation occurs, the consequences are unpredictable, according to the National Center for Health Statistics 1600The results of a maternal study showed that it is best for pregnant women to gain an average of 15 inches before birth.

Weight gain to 12?
15 kg of pregnant women, the rate of stillbirth during childbirth is only 3.


For pregnant women who weigh 10%, the stillbirth rate is 10.