[Can you eat Dangshen Astragalus Porridge for a cold?

[Can you eat Dangshen Astragalus Porridge for a cold?

】 _Sense_Can you eat

[Can you eat Dangshen Astragalus Porridge for a cold?
】 _Sense_Can you eat

A cold is a disease that is most familiar to us humans, but a cold is now the least feared disease, because the human body has evolved to a degree, and now even if a cold does not take medicineWithout injections, you can still recover after a few days.

However, pay attention to your diet during a cold.

So, can you eat Dangshen Astragalus porridge with a cold?

Astragalus porridge recipe, the amount of astragalus is not much, with rice, very peaceful, belongs to the tonic, most people can eat a little in the wet season.

People with weak qi and weak body who insist on drinking astragalus porridge every day during the period of three volts can improve the Qi and strengthen the immunity.

Note that astragalus porridge is tonic, and the evidence is not suitable. Those with hyperactivity of yin deficiency and yang, and those with manifest evils, are not suitable.

The physically weak, insufficient gas, middle-aged and elderly people, the initial recovery of serious illness, after surgery, patients after radiotherapy and chemotherapy can eat more.

From a physical point of view, tan is best for people with qi deficiency and spleen wetness. This type of person is often fat and has weak muscles, especially the abdominal muscles.

It is not suitable for people with very dry skin.

In terms of physical condition, do not eat astragalus for colds and menstrual periods.

From the season, ordinary people should not eat astragalus in spring.

Why ca n’t I drink astragalus porridge for a cold?

Because astragalus is solid, it helps the body close the door and prevents foreign evils from invading.

But when the body already feels the external evil, it will become behind closed doors and keep the evil inside the body, there is no way to vent it.

In the same way, spring is the season for hair growth, and the human body needs to declare it, so eating astragalus is not suitable.

Before eating astragalus, you must touch your veins to see if there are floating veins, that is, whether there is any evil, to decide whether you can eat.

People who can’t take the pulse, don’t have to worry, just see if they have symptoms of a cold.

You can drink without symptoms of a cold.

People who really know their physical condition can go to the supermarket to buy a little amaranth or houttuynia cordata, eat a meal or two, and collect Chen Han.

You can drink astragalus porridge the next day.

The old does not go, the new does not come.

At this point the turbid gas has gone, which is conducive to the cultivation of righteousness.

Righteousness is enough, external evils cannot invade.

In autumn and winter, there is no need to be afraid of the cold.