Due to the speculative atmosphere, the green power AH premium bubble is huge

Due to the speculative atmosphere, the green power AH premium bubble is huge

Due to the speculative atmosphere, the green power AH premium bubble is huge

Huge source of green power AH premium bubble: Beijing Commercial Daily Zhou Kejing terminated the closing on July 12, Green Power’s closing price in the Hong Kong stock market was 3.

91 manufacturing / 武汉夜网论坛 share, but previously in the A-share market was as high as 25.

15 yuan / share, such a huge AH premium caused very abnormal.

This column believes that due to the strong speculative atmosphere, the current estimate of Green Power A-share stocks is huge, and investors are advised to pay attention to the risks. If they are optimistic about this company, it will not prevent them from buying directly at the Hong Kong stock market.

  The AH stock spread does exist for a long time, but this column has always believed that long-term things may not be correct. Even if the AH spread has historical and objective reasons, it does not mean that newly listed A-share companies may not care about the enhancement of the corresponding Hong Kong stocks.And value fundamentals.

Take Green Power as an example. After the A-share listing, the daily limit has continued to rise from 4 on the first day.

74 yuan / share, all the way up to 27.

85 yuan / share, this kind of enthusiasm for investors is difficult to evaluate rationally.

  The same kind of stock has different pricing differences only in different markets. This column does not consider that Hong Kong investors lack vision and are more like A-share investors with too much fanaticism.

  Even AH shares need a certain premium to reflect the estimated advantages of the A-share market, but a premium of more than 6 times is a bit too outrageous.

If investors are really optimistic about green power, they can consider buying from the Hong Kong stock market. Only 3 is required.

91 manufacturing / share, and 25 in the A-share market.

15 yuan / share, of which higher cost performance can be imagined.

  So why would A-share investors prefer to buy 25.

15 yuan / share of A-share green power, unwilling to buy 3.

What about the green power of 91 manufacturing / shares of Hong Kong stocks?

That’s because A-share investors believe that green power stocks bought near 25 yuan can still be sold to others for 30 yuan, and 3.

9 Green power near manufacturing may still be 3 in the future.

9 builds without much hype expected.

This is actually speculative and does not belong to the scale of value investment.

  At present, investors who dare to participate in the hype of green-power A-share stocks are mainly based on short-term customers, and their purpose is obvious. They will flee for one or two trading days without long-term investment.

In fact, the reason why Green Power has been popular with investors has some special backgrounds.

Certainly, in the new IPO, the green power may not be considered high after opening the upswing.

In fact, the circulation disk is relatively small, and it mainly facilitates capital speculation.

In addition, the previous broader market continued to adjust, and the new shares have become a safe haven for many funds, and it has also become a major reason for the excessive motivation of green power.

  However, in the medium and long term, in the case of sub-new stocks such as Green Power, which have suffered from excessive speculation, the future value return trend will continue, and the only uncertainty is to gradually complete through multiple consecutive.

  This column has always said that the A-share market is already in the bottom area, and does not mean that all stocks are in the bottom area.

There is a kind of deformed estimation bubble of green power A shares. There is a serious need for regression and rational regression. Even if the stock index re-enters 5000 points, the expectations of green power may not perform better.